The art of Carrs

The art of Carrs

Our new brand and packaging was created by Honey Design Consultancy who recognised that our premium quality products were indeed a secret ready to be shared.

The design truly brings to life the skill and craftsmanship that goes into preparing each and every product. It is in itself an art-form.

The original artworks of the fish (created by Philippa Sinclair) beautifully captures the essence of the brand, each fish variety and a hint towards the wild and rugged coast of Ireland.

The new identity builds on the heritage of our company and the simple, beautiful execution of the packaging allows the brand to stand out on shelf.

The packaging has been extremely well received by premium retailers across the country and we all look forward to seeing them in store shortly. We will be publishing a list of stores where you can buy our products very soon, please check back for updates or contact us.

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